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Dental Services Near Elk City, OK

Comprehensive Care For All Your Dental Needs

A young woman with dark hair smiling while seated and preparing for a checkup by her dentist near Elk City, OK

At 333 Dental Care, Dr. Lively and the team are ready to give you the smile you deserve. As dentists near Elk City, OK, they are equipped to provide comprehensive services using some of the most advanced and updated dental technology, all of which is designed to not only ensure a more comfortable experience for you but also generate greater accuracy and precision when preparing treatment plans. When receiving help at our office, you can trust that your smile is in the best hands, and your health, wellbeing, and safety are our top priorities. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our available services, contact us today!

Dental Checkup and Cleaning

A young woman undergoing a regular dental checkup and cleaning

Regular dental checkups and cleanings are a great way to ensure your smile is in optimal health. Our team will gladly examine your smile for any abnormalities or problem areas that could be a sign of tooth decay, gum disease, or even oral cancer. Through early detection, we can quickly identify and treat these issues before they result in timely and costly procedures in the future. We’ll also remove any plaque and tartar accumulations, leaving your smile looking and feeling great for the months to come.

Dental Emergencies

A young female having her dentist check her oral cavity after suffering from a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can happen throughout the workweek, in the evenings, and even on the weekends. Needless to say, it’ll most likely happen when you least expect it. But when they do, you can entrust Dr. Lively and our team to jump into action and offer immediate assistance when you need it most. Providing same-day appointments for most emergency patients, we can recommend the appropriate method of treatment to help you and your smile return to normal.

Sleep Apnea

A man asleep in bed with his mouth open and snoring while the woman pushes a pillow against her ears to block out the noise

Sleep apnea is a serious, yet common disorder experienced by millions of adults in the United States. Causing you to snore, cease breathing, and wake up feeling chronically fatigued and irritable, you may or may not know you are experiencing symptoms. Fortunately, with a formal diagnosis, we can use custom-made oral appliance therapy to keep your airway open throughout the night and allow you to get the sleep you need to function daily.

Dental Implants

A middle-aged man with glasses listens as his dentist and dental hygienist explain dental implants

Dental implants are a safe and effective solution that restores a person’s oral health and aesthetics. When missing teeth lead to a decrease in self-esteem and potential problems with your bone, teeth, and facial shape, dental implants are capable of restoring the entire tooth structure from the root up and providing you with an improved, complete smile that you can feel confident about once again.

Teeth Whitening

A young female with long, dark hair placing her hand underneath her chin to emphasize her whiter, brighter smile

If stains and discoloration are keeping you from enjoying time spent with family and friends, it’s time to consider how teeth whitening can improve the way you look and feel. When people brighten their smiles, it not only boosts confidence but also makes a great first impression when applying for a job, going on a first date, or simply enjoying a social gathering. By choosing to undergo professional teeth whitening with your dentist near Elk City, OK, you will receive a safe and effective method of treatment that produces lasting, beautiful results.

Dental Restorations

A dentist holding a ceramic dental crown next to a mouth mold

Whether plagued by severe decay or serious damage, a weakened tooth needs immediate attention. Fortunately, you’ll never need to worry about your dental work being obvious to others thanks to newer solutions that make it possible to hide fillings and similar restorations. With metal-free dental restorations, we can fill a cavity with color-matched composite resin (so no one will ever see) as well as provide better protection with ceramic dental crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays.