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Dental Insurance – Mangum, OK

We Enjoy Making Important Dental Care Affordable

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Dental insurance can go a long way towards helping patients from all walks of life enjoy high-quality dental care that leaves their smiles thriving. Whether you receive insurance from your employer or directly through the market, our team members at 333 Dental Care are true experts when it comes to helping people navigate their coverage smoothly and make the most out of their deserved benefits. Please contact us today if you have any dental insurance questions, or if you’re ready to schedule a first appointment here in Mangum, OK – we’re happy to help.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

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While traditional medical insurance is based around coverage for serious problems and emergencies, dental insurance is quite different. Above all else, this type of coverage focuses on the importance of preventive care, which includes full benefits for routine checkups, dedicated hygiene appointments, and similar services. By helping you maintain good oral health over time, dental insurance strives to reduce your overall cost and minimize the need for more extensive dental care.

What Exactly Does My Dental Insurance Plan Cover?

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It’s important to remember that every insurance plan is different, and available benefits can vary widely from person to person. That said, most providers follow this type of structure:

  • Essential preventive care (biannual checkups and cleanings, etc) are covered at 100%
  • Minor restorative care (fillings, root canals, etc) are covered at around 70-80%
  • Major restorative care (crowns, dentures, etc) ae covered around 50%

In most cases, cosmetic dentistry is not covered by traditional insurance plans.

In-Network & Out Of Network Coverage Is Welcomed

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At 333 Dental Care, we are happy to work together with patients who have dental insurance and help them maximize their reimbursements. In fact, our dental office is in-network with several major providers! What does this mean? Being in-network means that we have entered into a contract with your particular insurance company to accept discounted rates for certain services. This means that on average, you will typically pay less with an in-network dentist than one who is outside of the network.

We proudly accept dental insurance from the following providers below. Is your insurance not listed? Don't worry –– if it's a PPO plan, chances are we take it! Contact us to learn more.

But wait, you might ask – what if my current plan is out-of-network? This doesn’t have to be a problem! Dr. Lively is happy to work with most PPO insurances, which means that our team members will personally file claims for your requested service(s) and manage the reimbursement process. In many cases, patients visiting out-of-network dental offices can still reap most of the same benefits and pay a similar cost. Any questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact us in Mangum, OK! We can’t wait to get started.