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Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Apnea – Mangum, OK

Are You Not Sleeping Well?

Across the country, millions of Americans are dealing with sleep apnea every night, but the vast majority of them – an estimated 80% – don’t even know it. This disorder has many different warning signs that may or may not occur, and you may not notice them for what they are until the quality of your life and your overall health have suffered greatly. Here at EZ Sleep Solutions, our goal is to help you identify your sleep apnea quickly so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep all the sooner. On this page, you’ll learn more about the most common symptoms of a sleep-related breathing disorder; if you notice these warning signs, call us right away to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lively!

Loud Snoring

Snoring usually occurs as a result of the airway narrowing. This means it’s a very common side effect of sleep apnea, a condition where the airways can become partially or completely blocked by soft tissues in the throat that collapse. Loud, chronic snoring is much more likely to be associated with sleep apnea or a similar disorder.


Did you get a full eight hours of sleep? If you have sleep apnea, probably not. Whenever breathing stops, your body will wake you up so that you can get some air. As a result, you won’t spend much time in the deepest stages of sleep and will likely feel very drowsy during the day.

Weight Gain

When you don’t get enough quality sleep, the hormones that help control your appetite may become unbalanced. You may start feeling hungrier and eat more than you need. In turn, this can actually make your sleep apnea symptoms worse.

Declining Health

Sooner or later, the lack of oxygen in your bloodstream will cause cardiovascular problems; heart attacks and strokes will become more likely. Diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and respiratory issues are also more likely to occur.


When the brain is distracted by falling oxygen levels, it may not focus as much on controlling the bladder. Because of this, adults with sleep apnea might suddenly find that they’ve started to wet the bed.

Worsening Job Performance and Safety Issues

Going through your day without enough sleep can be debilitating at work. You may not be able to focus on your job as well and will have a more difficult time completing certain tasks. Also, you’ll be much more likely to doze off at the wrong time, leading to workplace and automobile accidents.


Sleep apnea can have a very real impact on your mental health. As the quality of your life begins to suffer, so will your overall mood.

Damaged Relationships

A lack of rest can make you irritable and cause mood swings, which in turn can hurt the way you interact with others. Furthermore, snoring every night may cause tension between you and your bedmate.

Find a Solution for Sleep Apnea!

As harmful as sleep apnea is, treatments such as oral appliance therapy can help prevent the pauses in your breathing, helping you rest easier. Take the initiative so that you can enjoy sweet dreams again.