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Combined Therapy – Mangum, OK

The Best of Both Worlds for Mangum Patients

There is no single treatment that is proven to help absolutely everyone overcome sleep apnea. If there was, we would offer it! For a long time, there have been 3 primary ways doctors have treated people with sleep apnea: CPAP therapy, oral appliance therapy, and corrective surgery. However, at EZ Sleep Solutions, we’re now ready to provide Mangum a viable 4th option: combined therapy. This approach enables Dr. Lively to help even more patients and better tailor his care so that everyone can look forward to a full night’s rest.

What is Combined Therapy?

Combined therapy works by putting the 2 most popular sleep apnea treatments together: a patient simply wears an oral appliance while also using a CPAP machine. The oral appliance slightly opens the airway by shifting the lower jaw forward, and the CPAP machine maintains a steady flow of oxygen to ensure it stays unblocked. Unlike with a regular CPAP treatment, patients using combined therapy only have to use a mask that goes over their nose.

Who Could Benefit from Combined Therapy?

  • Patients with mild, moderate, or severe obstructive sleep apnea
  • Patients who find that using their CPAP alone is extremely uncomfortable
  • Patients who still experience sleep apnea symptoms despite getting corrective surgery
  • Patients whose sleep apnea is too severe to be treated by an oral appliance alone
  • Patients who experience sleep apnea as well as bruxism (unconscious teeth grinding)

The Advantages of Combined Therapy

  • Improved Comfort: One of the biggest issues with the CPAP machine is that it is very uncomfortable to use, but some patients absolutely need it. With combined therapy, the oral appliance makes it so a patient only has to wear a small nasal mask as opposed to one that covers the face, plus the machine’s setting can be turned down. This significantly reduces the noise and discomfort, making someone more likely to use their treatment every night.
  • Better Compliance: Expanding on that last point, people are more likely to consistently use combined therapy versus a CPAP alone simply because it feels better. As a result, a person’s sleep apnea is kept under control night after night, allowing them to get the rest they need and enjoy renewed health and energy.
  • More Effective: In a study conducted by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, combined therapy was shown to be more effective at stopping apnea events (cessations in breathing) versus CPAP therapy alone. Test subjects who experienced an average of 6 apnea events an hour had them reduced to 4 when using CPAP therapy. However, with combined therapy, the events were further reduced to only 2.
  • Easy Travel: While a CPAP machine can certainly be a hassle to travel with, for someone using combined therapy, they always have the option to toss their oral appliance into their bag, helping them take their treatment wherever they go.

Is Combined Therapy Right for You?

At EZ Sleep Solutions, Dr. Lively painstakingly designs treatments for each and every patient based on their unique needs. If you’re interested in learning more about combined therapy, sleep apnea, and how our team can help you finally start getting the rest you deserve, contact us today.